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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 27, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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me. our sources confirmed the suspect knew at least two of the victims. that would be vincent le and his wife, also explaining why he was allowed into the house the night of the massacre. our sources also tell us that investigators believe the motive was money that. le believed this house had plenty of cash. and and steve chen is now the only member of the family now living. a dugter -- daughter discovered the bodies the morning after the murders. he showed us pictures of the victims placed neatly in a row in the dining room. the five bodies found friday morning march 23. the violence and bloody carnage the night before. the victims had been
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bludgeoned to death, one by one by the killer. police forensics investigators have removed evidence from the house. the two-story home is pretty much the way it was, with blood stains on the floors. several law enforcement agencies have given abc 7 the following chronology of what happened that violent evening. they say the suspect knew both le and his wife. le hired him as a plummer to help him with the house last year, sources say the first body was on the first floor. we're told the killer likely murdered vincent's parents, the bodies found here in the garage, then went upstairs and into their daughter's bedroom, bludgeoning her to death. police say he waited for le to come home, his body found in
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the entry way near the front door. sources say before killing himg r him, the murderer receivered half of le's hand with what is described as a sharp edged weapon perhaps while torturing him, he washed himself the bathroom and washed bleach over door handles to remove fingerprints, also turned on facets to flood rooms hoping to destroy evidence. chan and hez wife are still trying to cope with the shock of losing their family. they don't understand why the suspect would commit such a terrible crime let the police handle that. >> police were able to catch luc two days after discovering the bodies. how so quickly? our sources say the suspect used vincent le's girlfriend's cell phone to call him while he was eating with two friends. now he was overheard saying
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shg like why are you using my wife's cell phone ask telling me to come home now? after murders the two friends called police and gave them luc's name. >> thank you, vic. >> in oakland dozens of residents say they feel like caged animals in their homes. the new owner of the piedmont apartments is doing a major renovation ask residents are still living there. abc 7 is there live tonight. >> yeah. and residents tell us they're happy about the renovations coming to the piedmont apartments but what has them concerned is what's happening over next few days. it's wrapped in plastic. and a lot of units are boarded up. and the city of oakland tells us what is unusual is to have residents living inside boarded-up units. plastic wrap around the building and boarded up
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windows. this is part of a major renovation of the piedmont apartments. some are in tears because they're still in the building while renovation nrz progress. >> they put plywood. there is no air in there. there is plastic on the wall autos did you give them permission? >> no. we did not. they came in unannounced. everything was moved and boarded up when they we got home. >> residents let us into their homes to see windows boarded up. one woman, seven months pregnant said she thood stay with family in alameda because of the odor. >> i don't have choice. because i have so much vomiting. i can't stay here. >> residents are frustrated. there is a melee nearly sparked when a group tried to show us their homes but mangers
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said we were not allowed in the office. this property was bought last mochl the president of the group that opens it and is redeveloping the property. >> i don't want to make it sound like we feel like concerns are valid. why we're addressing these things as they come to use he says he wants to work with the residents to address concerns. and inspectors toured through here today. the city's principle civil engineer says there have cruise ordered to stop. minimum requirements are just not being met. and the developers need to meet with the city on monday to redraw plans. and part of the order issued by the city of oakland crews have to cut homes into those plywood windows to be able to allow in natural light and ventilation. i spoke with the developer for about a couple hours, he's out
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of or yank county. he says he's working hard to make sure crews are able to get that done and keeps sending me e mails to tell me about the moment by moment progress crews are making to fish the problem here. >> thank you. >> a major development in the hit and run of a cyclist in berkeley hills, take a look at the video showing a moment on wednesday when the driver of a black acura rams a cyclist on tunnel road. a second person knocked off his bike. police reportedly found the car and glenn view neighborhood but there is no word on who may have left it there. this vehicle is registered to a 43-year-old. his parents told abc 7 news their son reported the car stolen. and cyclists say this part is dangerous. >> people are really taking
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off here and there is not a shoulder. >> the city is planning to add a bicycle lane to part of tunnel road. neither was seriously hurt. >> in two hours, the san francisco approach to the golden gate bridge will shut down for demolition. and sky 7 is live, you can see cars moving well throughout the area. and that heavy equipment is ready to get going here, it will start at 8:00. we're live now with the latest. heather? >> there is we're told it would begin at 8:00 but we're learning marina boulevard on and off ramp will close at 7:00. marina boulevard on and off ramp closing at 7:00 not 8:00. and that is important to note
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because traffic will be probably diverted through mason street. it's quiet here for the time being but not for long. this is an historic event with doyle drive coming down for good. >> heavy equipment is poised and ready to take down 3300 feet of 76-year-old doyle zrif drive. after caltrans close doyle they'll use two sweeps and then, let the equipment loose. >> in this starting at 8:00. >> all traffic on doyle will be funneled to select surface streets running to, and from the golden gate bridge. do not expect to use unsanked short cuts through the presidio. it will be off limits. for fashional park service the moment of the traffic will be done by u.s. park police
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making sure people trying to travel into the presidio live there or work there. >> when doyle reopens there will be a temporary detour as shown in this animation. the surface detour includes a new intersection. and people who know about the closure aren't so sure about what to expect next. >> i'm just waiting to see. i'm not sure about that one. i know they built a tunnel. >> that is part of the permanent new structure and also part of the detour going into use on monday. >> there is a closure likely to impact traffic well beyond san francisco and golden gate bridge. >> we brought in abc 7 news traffic reporter in tonight to guide you through it. >> there is live shot now from
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sky 7 showing traffic flowing well, but i want to take to you abc 7's waze traffic app to show you where the slow downs are. we're go tg check out san francisco. you'll notice it's slow heading westbound. now, if marinea boulevard closes at 7:00 you'll need to take lom barred and get ready for a closure because they mean whit they say 8:00. and also, you can always check out what the speeds are on other routes anywhere someone else turned on this waze app. we're seeing slowing now on park presidio so there isn't slowing northbound but i want to zoom in to a certain area. there is park pred yido this, is a major detour, what you'll notice is that it tells you where cameras are. we took footage earlier.
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there is a detour telling to you learn left on to gehry. check out the confusing sign that says it's illegal to make a left, or urks turn there. we talked to police they're saying it's illegal to do that turn and i got off the phone with caltrans, they're headed to the scene to cover up sign because they're saying it will be okay to make that left turn. so it's causing confusion. and some folks may be surprise fd they get a ticket from the cameras so there are other detours if you want to avoid heavy street traffic. there is a live shot. it's backed up. folks heading to the game. i waned to mention mass transit. there are ferries and double amount of ferries on golden
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gate transit. you may want to consider bart traveling between this area to avoid it altogether. >> and take a look. there is work taking place along doyle drive there. is a new roadway on the left. >> doyle drive named after frank doyle, the banker who helped promote the bonds sold to finance the golden gate bridge. >> abc 7 news is your source for the doyle drive closure and there is trancis and sue hall will be here watching traffic. we'll have updates for you and there is ultimate routes you can take and you can down load the exclusive waze app. show us traffic encountered this weekend upload your video or e mail your photos.
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>> you can post on 7 news moving on we're follow prog gres tonight of a dolphin trying to find it's way out of the coastal waterway. we're live with another marine mammal off course. >> also an east bay taxi driver is robbed and stuffed into a trunk of his own can. a harrowing ride could have cost him his life. >> and i'll give you a look inside of a one of a kind tunnel project below the bay protecting local water supplies. stay with us.
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a east bay cab driver
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picked up three men at the bart station, drove them to andock. they robbed him and stuffed him in the trunk. >> this man is a cab driver who may have just endured the most-harrowing 30 minutes of his life. police rescued him here after a cab ride he began at the driver's seat but ended... in the trunk. >> he would be traumatized but i think he's doing fairly well, as far as i know there are no physical injury autos police say it started here at the bart station around 10:30 at night. the driver picked up three men in the cab. his co-worker said he only had been working there three month ease was new. he wasn't looking over his shoulder too well. >> the driver took the men to a apartment complex. instead of paying the fare one pulled a gun, took his cash
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and cell phone, and forced him into the trunk. police say they drove him around half an hour, discussing whether to kill him or beat him up. but let him go. oakland police found the cab about 12 hours later abandoned on 83rd avenue. >> it turns out he may not be alone. police confirmed they're investigating two other cases in the last week of drivers robbed by passengers when they got to their destination. and this is local cab yeez shaken up. >> last night i got the night off. it's scary. >> police have asked bart to pull surveillance video and say they've found valuable evidence inside of the cab. so far making no arrests. >> there is a developing story from southern california now. a dolphin that lost its way has just been spot bid crew. the animal got separated from the pod and ended up in shallow waters near huntington
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beach. >> this is a live picture, rescuers are concerned the dolphin might beach itself. and they're hoping a rising tide will head them to safety. >> there are four,. >> or five. >> this is probably good news that everybody is back together here. >> we'll keep our tabs on that and there is the whale of a couple days ago. >> yes. >> spencer christian is here now. >> there is a whale of a weekend coming up. >> there you go. >> and there is a look at how beautiful -- . >> or sad. >> or sad. >> there is a live view giving us a beautiful view of the golden gate bridge. wow. there is a part of the bay. it's a stunningly early evening and mild at the memt. there is a loop of the close
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up satellite image this morning. you can see hardly a cloud in the sky. and those are the conditions that prevail now as well. there is some highs, 72 degrees the high in santa rosa. 72 antioch. 72 in santa cruz and upper 60s in other locations around the bay. right now still mild. there is 70 degrees in antioch. 71 in santa rosa. numerous upper 60s and 55 in half moon bay. highlights are these. mostly clear skies tonight. sunny skies and warmer this weekend. there is a cooler pattern developing next week. but we'll deal with that later, now looking at satellite radar showing there is a jet stream flowing well north, high pressure settling in already. that will be the dominant feature. and there is clouds staying north. skies remaining clear here,
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warmer days inland. and not as much warming taking place at the coast. pleasant but there is overnight tonight there is a pleasant period with temperatures into mild range of upper 40s to low 50s with cooler in north bay valleys. there is 76 in san jose. 76 in los altos, 75 mountain view. 63 half moon bay. there is 67 degrees in downtown san francisco tomorrow, upper 70s to low 80s, and there is near monterey bay, highs into 70s near the bay and up to about 80s inland. there is the accu-weather forecast. there is a beautiful weekend.
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temperatures tapering off next week, more clouds around and there is no threat of rain at the moment. >> there is looking great. >> coming up next new safety feature for home work shop. >> you're going to want to see this. stay with us. back in a moment. cl what'll it be?
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i'll have blueberry pancakes. uh huh. actually, make that glazed pecans... ok. with chocolate... no... caramel sauce. whipped cream? uhhhhhhh, yeah... but on the side. introducing build your own pancakes. only at denny's. the state capitol is buzzing tonight over proposal to he include a new safety feature on table saws. here is how it works.
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>> here goes. >> there is impressive. you can see once it senses softness of a hot dog used here to simulate a finger. there is legislation requiring manufacturers to include this safety feature in new table saws. instead of a lost finger workers would only suffer a cut. >> there is where you can still lose blood but you don't have to have to lose a finger. >> taubl saws cause about 36,000 injuries per year. critics say it would add up to $150 to the price of a table saw. >> there is america's cup excitement today, hundreds of dignitaries and sailors turned out today hold to race in san francisco. the ceremony marked a start of construction on the spectator
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village at pier 27 including a 10,000 seat viewing area. the first event held in the fall. the final takes place next summer. >> there is abc 7 news i team looks into meat glue. >> it's what it sounds like. if you're a steak lover you want to see this report. >> the hidden benefits of your credit cards. i'm michael finney with what you don't know about the plastic head on 7 on your side. >> if you're gearing up for doyle drive we're tracking the detours, back ups, and routes for more right after the break. 8t8t8teñeñxñçtçt@r@reses0p
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>> if you're disturbed to hear about pink slime in hamburger. >> there is another practice that will have you looking twice at the steak you that
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eat. >> this is a long time bau it's known as meat glue, binding the meat together into what looks like a prime cut. but while pink slime may be unappetizing glued meat could make you sick. >> frachgensteak. nice, juicy frankensteak. >> this fillet mignon is not what it seems we faked a steak good enough to please a professional chef. >> this is nice. this looks almost 250 too nice. >> it's a powder originally the natural enzyme harvested from animal blood. now it's produced through ferm men taigs of bacteria. added to meat it forms a nearly invisible and permanent
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fwond any other meat you stick it to. this chef doesn't use meat glue but like many chefs knows how it work autos this is just cubed beef. you take this powder now and dust it liberally over this and then just pummeled them around. >> coated stew meat went into a tin. he decided to make a new york strip out of thin cuts, adding water makes a soupy glaze. >> this is sticky. >> the final steps to seal in a vacuum bag adding pressure and then it's off to fridge to set, overnight. >> there is 24 hours later we'll have steak.
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>> so here we are. >> there is a not so new york steak. >> in the pan and onto the table. >> this is our humble stew peat looks like a prime fillet. the fda lists it as recognized as safe sh it's okay to eat cooked meat that has been glued but here is the problem. the outside of a peace of -- piece of meat comes into contact with a lot of bacteria. usually cooking on the outside kill that's off. but center of a single cut is sterile, that is why you can eat it rare but glued together and now, bacteria, like e coli could be on the inside. >> if someone wants that fillet rare, the temperature is not going to reach the temperature that will kill bacteria and that is also really happy environment for
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thing that's can kill you. >> and there is one meat company owner who won't go on camera told us gluing meat is a common practice and most-glued product is fillet mignon destine forward food service industry. a trade group told us that meat glue is often used where fillet mignon is served in bulk. you ask yourself how can they make money that are selling cheap steaks all day long. and that look nice this, is one way of doing it and results were dramatic and the stew meat fillet look goods but american meat institute wants to stress meat glue is used to glue scraps of fillet mignon back together. >> this is giving flexibility to create a health pre product
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and add value to what you know worse case scenario... which with thrown away. >> the usda says it must appear on the label. but if yir eating in a banquet or restaurant you're not likely to see reformed meat on the menu. you'd never know. and we asked about that. >> they may in the see the label but what they ought to do is f.they have concerns and we understand that consumers want to understand where food is coming from, they should ask the wait staff it has not reached a point where people are ware of it. i think it's because like pink slime, nobody knew where it was. >> saying meat glue is used more than you think. >> i think what they're fear
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is that public is going to look and go "i don't want to eat "that". >> bottom line is that if you're at a place were you might be eating glued meat make sure it's cooked through. and think twice about eating it rare. >> and first began reporting this yesterday what. has been the reaction? >> there is a lot of reaction from viewers, one trade yup saying they believe it's rare for companies to try to pass off cheaper meat as prime cuts and that is against the law z they say meat glue is safe. they admit it's done with fillet autos right. thank you oo. and well, the doyle drive is still 90 minute as way. there is one of the problems.
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caltrans put up detour sign. and this is illegal to make left turns and caltrans is back out there shortly to take one of the lines down. >> there is the rest of the area out there tonight. >> there is a live shot. there is a great way to decide what due tour should be is to use the waze traffic app letting you know what speeds are. i want to take you to slowing now in park presidio. it's into the southbound direction. you'll notice there are traffic cameras on park presidio and gehry. if you get a ticket that is and might be a great story. right now it's slowing southbound. northbound seemed to be okay. there is a marinea boulevard
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onramp that will be shut down at 7:00. to lombard until 8:00. other detours are the bay bridge and this helps you decide if that will be a good way to go. there is double amount of ferry service. and interest there is bart. >> coming up next michael finney and a local woman kept getting medicines she never ordered. >> medicines and bills kept coming with them. stay with us
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consumer news, your creddit card could come with rights and ben fis you didn't know about. >> more on some that might come in handy. >> yes. and this is designed to protect the consumer. so you should know about them. >> there is a charge on 12-27. and it was not authorized. >> susan is looking over the bill she's been disputing for four months. >> and there is a charge of 22:04s thadz was not authorized. >> she says her prescription drug company has been billing
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her for medication she's been receiving but did not want. >> this bothers me. i asked them 10 times to remove my credit card information. i have not authorized these charge autos susan despited charge was her company visa. visa agreed to wipe out charges but they turned around and billed her directly. saying metco acted within its rights but there is something consumers can still do. >> call and find out if you're entitled to return protection. all american express cards have this return protection. one of the hidden benefits many may not mow with b.. >> it will refund your money up to several hundred dollars on a disputed item when the retailer won't. unfortunately for susan prescription drugs are exempt from the protection. metco with a d rating with the
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bbb says the per vipgs vipgss -- prescriptions and billed were billed because she enrolled in the worryy auto charge program. that is something she says she to not do. the lesson is that consumers can protect themselves from similar disputes. >> some banks will allow to you put up a one time use and there is if you have a credit card that is sometimes preventing rogue charges in the future. >> susan did contact 7 on your side and told us it acted in accordance with their plan. >> that is two weeks ago. she says the refund has in the been received metco says necessary it will cancel that
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check. and they merged with express script. >> great information. >> tu sure. >> coming up next a look inside of a one of a kind tunnel project. >> designed to protect our water supply. stay with us.
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workers are building a tunnel under the way. it's part of a project to protect the water supply during an earthquake. and there is a look at the progress. >> workers are building a tunnel under san francisco bay. in july a 600 foot long machine started to tear through mud and muck. today, the $10 million machine tunneled two miles. and this video from san francisco public utilities commission shows the machine in action. >> there is just about the center of the canal now. >> now it's ahead of schedule. the machine has been moving twice as fast as expected.
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on average days that is about 100 feet of sand and dirt removed from the bay. >> with underground work you want to knock on wood a little bit for that. >> the new tunnel will replace the pipes built in 19 ta and 1936. engineers say pipes won't survive a major earthquake and there is a failure would dep jiz the tunnel here. and it is built to withstand a big quake. money is part of a $4.6 billion bond measure passed in 2002 to fund a massive overhaul of the hetch hetchy water system. the network delivers water 167 miles from hetch hetchy reservoir in yosemite park to crystal springs along i 280.
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when complete will be the longest built under the bay. >> this is a tunnel under the bay. we're under 100 feet of water, it's five miles long across the bay. no shaft no, place to stop. >> the trance bay two was made of a series of preconstructed tunnels that rest on the bottom of the bay. this tunnel is actually carved out of the earth. there is a series of belts and ladders that make this a dirty job and a dangerous one as well. 5,000 pounds swing overhead, each will be rolled into the tunnel and bolted together five feet at a time. and and there is a decompression chamber as workers experienced the best. and it doesn't matter whaits like on the surface and you
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can't see the ground. it's a safe method. >> and it's unprecedented perfect jekt. the tunnel scheduled to be complete bid 2015. >> and marina onramp is now just minutes from closing. >> there is seems like traffic spotters are well prepared. here is a live shot. traffic looks like it's good heading out of san francisco now. and on abc 7 there is you can see there isn't much slowing and as i check out park presidio there is no big slow down. slowing is in the southbound direction soits looking good now. there is a also good detours
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for you. you can see it's slow in this area. there is a live shot backed up towards the foot of the maze. there is another alt mitt route. >> expecting pleasant weather. >> we are indeed. >> there is tomorrow's forecast. sunny skies and highs into upper 70s to low 80s, breezy on the coast. and inland there is a great weekend, ples yabtant and dry next week. >> and good deal, thank you. >> and michael finney and reuniting in the nfl. çkededed
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coming up tonight and at 11:00 there is live team coverage of the closure of the main artery to the golden gate bridge. happens about an hour from now, and already detours causing problems for drivers. >> there is turning bad fat
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into good. coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and there is some exciting news it worked out parly. in the first round of the draft yesterday, the colts took up early in round two, today so they will be teammates in indy. cleaner was a beast at stanford, 6, 6, 240 pounds and runs 40 in under four, five. he and andrew luck shredded defenses in college now they get to team up again in pros. and this disappointment turned into excitement. >> it's a dream come true. i couldn't ask for a better quarterback. my heart is beating out of my chest. so thankful for this colts organization. i can't express it. >> some other picks today cal
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offensive tackle mitchell schwartz, and stanford offensive tackle 42 over all and there is bears punter to jacksonville in round three. rount two 49ers took electrifying oregon tail back and he's going to be fun to watch. aj jenkins you'll never forget the moment his name was called he had been crank called just minutes earlier. his cousin called pretending he was an nfl team. after figuring out it was a hoax he went to the bathroom. the niners really called. leaving jenkins cousin the messenger outside of the bathroom. >> so i guess he was just, i was serious and so i didn't believe him. i don't know. i'm in the bathroom, still, he kicked the door down. like on the floor.
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and he threw me the phone. so my first thing i'm going to buy is my mom a brand new bathroom door. >> freddy sanchez felt a strain so his come back is once again on hold. and no sign of hough releasing a statement saying sometimes you have to pull back and work on things in private this, is one of the times, teammates hoping he's okay. >> there is a kind of guy, a veteran that should show us the way. he's been around a lot more than most of us and we're wishing everything is well back home. >> a's in baltimore, brendon mccarthy z kurt suzuki rips
6:56 pm
one in the quarter there is two outs and a rally continues. there is two runs and great defense here, weeks on the run. a flip fancy to cliff penton to get the out. this is usually a double play. and a's just close it out moments ago. 5-2, the final. sit a sign luck turned around? warrers won a coin flip today and they're spotted 7th in the lottery. they needed to lose to get into the scenario. and there is now they have to hope the lotto ball keeps them in the top 7th. if they slip back, utah would
6:57 pm
get their pick. >> this is -- . >> i don't know. >> and there is this edition of abc 7 news. >> follow thus weekend at twitter. and it opens early you'll know. >> from all of us, thanks for watching.
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